The Gundi Platform

Why Gundi?

There are a growing number of different types of hardware and software available at the fingertips of conservationists. But most of these technologies are developed independently and often need to talk better with one another. As a result, countless hours are spent building custom integrations or workarounds.

Whether you're a developer or conservationist in the field, Gundi connects your data and technologies so you can spend your limited time and resources doing what you do best.


How Gundi can help

By providing a common data integration solution, Gundi reduces the need for the costly, often redundant work of technology developers to develop custom integrations or workarounds, while helping conservationists have greater access to data in the systems they use.


Gundi for Technology Developers

Gundi connects your technology to a suite of different conservation technologies saving you time and extending the reach of your product. For application developers, provide your users access to data from potentially hundreds of different sensor devices, applications, and services. Instead of building your own custom integrations, focus your expertise and resources on developing your core technology.

Gundi for Conservationists

Whether you are a protected area manager or wildlife researcher, your time and project resources are often limited. Gundi gives you confidence that any new investments you make in devices and applications can be integrated with the tools you are already using, and allow you to take advantage of continuously evolving technologies. Gundi empowers you to choose and use the tools you need.


Supported Technologies

Explore a list of technologies that Gundi integrates with in our technical documentation. This technical information is for your reference only and is provided solely to help you identify which technologies Gundi integrates with. It does not mean that the owners of the listed devices, applications, or services, or any other party endorses or sponsors Gundi or its integrations.


Become a Gundi Supported Technology

Gundi streamlines development. With the platform, your technology only needs to be integrated with Gundi to connect with multiple conservation systems. Gundi also helps manage and monitor endpoint devices and applications, saving your developers and engineers time and resources.